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Delivery Terms

We have way more stuff than listed!!!!

Can't get here? Prefer Curb Side Pickup?
Call store to order 757-313-2694

Delivery Fee
Base Fee: $5 up to 5 miles (Orders >$200 will waive $5 Base Fee)
Add 50 cents per mile >5 (20 Miles Max.)
further distance call for arrangements

We can also ship for $5 (Orders >$200 Free)

We will also include delivery of PF Chang's
Prices include Tax & Delivery
$20 - Chang's Spicy Chicken
$18 - Beef/Broccoli
$22 - Mongolian Beef
$13 - Chicken Fried Rice
$18 - Sesame Chicken

If you want something else on there menu put in your order here first and we'll let you know when we're ready to ship, then you can order direct with PF Chang's, we'll curbside pickup and deliver it to you.

Or You can pickup your food and cards right here at our curbside....

If you're looking for some other food orders call us.

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