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Basketball 3 tier Random 2019/20 Panini Obsidian BKB Box Break (HBBBK200725-001)

$9.44 - $37.74
  • Brand: Heroes Breaks
  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • SKU: HBBBK200725-001
  • Product: Break

3 Tier Team Random Spots

To keep pricing lower we have not included shipping in the prices

When you want your cards, pick them up or Purchase $4 Flat Rate Shipping & we will ship all your cards.

This is a 3 tiered break.

Tier 1 Spot: $40
Tier 2 Spot: $20
Tier 3 Spot: $10

You can buy a random spot frome from any tier.

Bonus: If you buy a team in each tier you will receive a random pack from a 19/20 Mosaic Cello Pack.

Break includes

1 Box of 2019/20 Obsidian Hobby Box (2 Hits)

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets Brooklyn Nets
Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers Denver Nuggets
Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers
LA Lakers Milwaukee Bucks Oklahoma City Thunder
Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves Orlando Magic
Miami Heat Philadelphia Sixers Sacramento Kings
New Orleans Pelicans Phoenix Suns Utah Jazz
New York Knicks San Antonio Spurs LA Clippers
Washington Wizards Toronto Raptors Portland Trail Blazers

1. Participants purchase spots.
2. Participants Randomized 3 times with Random.org 

3. Teams Randomized 3 times with Random.org
4. Teams matched to participants
5. Trading is allowed for limited time.
6. Boxes/Packs opened & cards awarded to participants
7. I will be streaming this break at Heroes Box Breaks
8. It's better if your present but you don't have to be present to participate.

Please Read
- Please pick up or Purchase $4 Flat Rate Shipping within 14 days.
- If you don't pick them up or Purchase $4 Flat Rate Shipping you will surrender your cards after 30 days.

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Basketball 3 tier Random 2019/20 Panini Obsidian BKB Box Break (HBBBK200725-001)