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26 Spot 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Random Letter Break 2

  • Brand: Mixed
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: Please tell us if attending when you order
  • SKU: IHFB170725-02
  • Product: Break
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING!
  • International Shipping: $10.00
2017 Random Letter Break
26 Spots - 1 Random Letter per Spot
TBD after Break Sells Out

$6 plus tax ($6.36 Total)


(1) 1 Box 2017 Leaf Trinity Football (5 Cards/5 Hits)

1. Participants purchase spots.
2. Alphabet randomized 7X on Random.org to assign letters to spots.
3. Trading is allowed. (Trade is not official until breaker changes letters in table)
4. Boxes are opened.
5. The player's name on each card will be randomized 7X on Random.org (ie. DeshaunWatson)
6. Participant owning the first letter after randomized is awarded card (ie. "h s e a s o n n W u a D t" - Spot owning "H" is awarded card).
7. I will be streaming this break at http://breakers.tv/heroesboxbreaks and Youtube
6. It's better if your present but you don't have to be present to participate.

26 Spot 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Random Letter Break 2