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2016 Topps Star Wars Evolution 8 Card Hobby Pack (Sealed)

  • Brand: Evolution
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: Sealed
  • Card Manufacturer: Topps
  • Year: 2016
  • Original/Reprint: Original
  • Product: Case
  • Era: Modern (1981-Now)
  • Year/Season: 2016
  • Manufacturer: Topps
  • Condition Provided By : Seller
  • Condition Rating: New
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING!
  • International Shipping: $25.00
  • Weight: 0.19 lbs
Configuration: 8 cards per pack.

Topps Is Bringing Back One Of Its Iconic Brands - Evolution - To Take Fans On An Epic Adventure Through The Star Wars Galaxy! Topps Star Wars Evolution 2016 Will Tell The Stories Of The Most Important Characters And How They Evolved Throughout The Entire Star Wars Saga. Includes Character Evolutions From The New Film Star Wars : The Force Awakens!


- 2 hits per box!
- 100 Base Character Cards
- Short Print Variants
- 4 Insert Sets
- Autographs From Over 50 Signers!
- Short Print Autographs
- Dual & Triple Autographs
- Patch Cards
- Sketch Cards
- Printing Plates


100 Base Cards Featuring The Most Important Characters From Across The Star Wars Saga, Explaining How Each Character Evolved Over Time.

Parallels include:
- Blue Light Saber (1:2)
- Purple Light Saber (1:12)
- Gold (#'d To 100)
- Imperial Red (#'d To 1)

- Evolution Of Vehicles & Ships
- Evolution Of Th E Light Saber
- Evolution Of Star Wars Comics
- Stained Glass Pairings

Patch Cards from each Star Wars faction:
The Empire - Vader, Tarkin, And More!
The Rebel Alliance - Luke, Leia And More!
The Galactic Republic - Padme, Bail Organa And More!
The Separatists - Grievous, Dooku And More!
The Jedi Council - Yoda, Mace Windu And More!
The Rebels - Ezra, Kanan And More!
The Resistance - Finn, Rey And More!
The First Order - Kylo Ren, Capt Ainphasma And More!
- 1 Signed Patch Card From Each Faction

Autographs From Over 50 Signers! Numerous Dual & Triple Autographs To Chase!
- Purple Autograph Parallel - #'D To 25.
- Gold Autograph Parallel - #'D To 10.
- Imperial Red Autograph Parallel - #'D To 1.
- Signed Printing Plates

- Sketch Cards Highlighting Key Characters Across Their Evolutions
2016 Topps Star Wars Evolution 8 Card Hobby Pack (Sealed)